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Interview With Michel Faber

I was delighted to get an exclusive and in-depth interview with Michel Faber for this blog and I am happy to share it with you. Photo by Eva Youren Michel Faber is an award-winning author born in the Netherlands in 1960. His family emigrated to Australia in 1967. Although he began writing in his teens,… Continue reading Interview With Michel Faber


The Blog That Time Forgot [ten weeks late…]

Spaced to provide each with its own territory, the mountains of Assynt oversee this boggy, rocky, lochy terrain like implausibly shaped sandcastles thrusting from a vegetated lunar landscape. Of them all, Suilven is the most improbable. From the side, it is reminiscent of a giant mammoth’s silhouette, but from its seaward end it is a… Continue reading The Blog That Time Forgot [ten weeks late…]


What Next?

Long before I finished Nutters, I was pondering which novel to write next. I always have several possibilities floating in the topographic oceans of my mind, with others bubbling to the surface on a regular basis, but more like breaching whales than farts in the bath. I am happy to write short stories now and… Continue reading What Next?



Sticking to one style of poetry does not come naturally to me, so I have neither adopted nor cultivated one. Each poem is written for different reasons. With the exception of Tanka (a form of Japanese poetry requiring a particular structure), I am generally motivated to write poems inspired by my emotions, not usually happy… Continue reading Poems