Cover of Echoes of the Ancestors, a book written by Geoff King.
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Geoff King has been writing in his spare time since 2006 and has self-published two novels.

His first novel Echoes of the Ancestors, was chosen as The Press & Journal’s book of the week in March 2014.

His second novel Nutters emerged in March 2019.

He has also had several tanka poems published in the American Journals Atlas Poetica and Bright Stars, and on-line with The Bamboo Hut.

His short story, The Woman in the Cave is included in The Writers’ Coop anthology, Down the Rabbit Hole – Weird Stories Volume One, published on 1st November 2018.

Cover of Nutters, a book written by Geoff King.
Buy Nutters, by Geoff King

Geoff was born weighing 9 lbs 10 oz and three weeks late in Rustington, West Sussex, UK, in the quaintly named Zachary Merton Maternity Hospital. He has been three weeks late ever since. His parents were rather perturbed when he emerged like a purple, elephantine walnut with six inch hairs on his back. Thankfully these hairs fell out within a few days, although a shorter pelt regrew in adulthood.

After dropping out of a Zoology degree at Royal Holloway College, University of London, he endured a series of unsatisfactory positions as a wage slave, before deciding to “stick it to the man” and attempt self-employment in the wonderful realm of woodwork. Thirty-four years later, he is now unemployable because he refuses to do what he’s told – except by his wife, with whom he is willing to discus the options.

He lives in the lowlands of the Highlands of Scotland on the organic woodland smallholding he has been co-creating with his wife for the last twenty-six years. He loves trees and believes there are not enough of them, either in his vicinity or in the world. He is an unconventional, quiet revolutionary, an environmental and social justice activist, an ardent pacifist and a little shy.

He designs and makes pieces of hand carved wooden jewellery, which are very unusual and nicer than you would think. you can see some here: https://woodlandtreasures.co.uk/