Cover of Nutters, a book written by Geoff King.

They believed them to be primitive, they deemed them immoral, they thought them barbaric…they called them The Nutters.

Two hundred years after the collapse of civilisation, most of Britain has become a wild and lawless forest. Safe in Nootopia 18, Cola Domingo witnesses something that causes him to question the apparent perfection of his society. Little does he know, his attempts to discover the truth will force him into the domain of the Nutters…

Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old Cherry awaits the birth of her baby in the comfort of the gro-labs. When a fellow expectant disappears, she sets out to investigate.

Through the characters’ physical and emotional journeys, this dystopian adventure questions the ethics of society and dilemmas of the human condition, whilst maintaining a compelling plot with intrigue and mystery at its heart.

The book costs £12.50 + £2.95 postage (UK only).

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