My Kind of Day

There is no set pattern to my daily activities, but rather a flexible framework dictated by circumstances, mood, weather and other variables.

Usually I get up, feed the cats, make tea, feed the chickens and then check emails. After breakfast I like to go for a walk. There is a small hill nearby, which offers a wonderful view of this coastal landscape and the hills of Sutherland beyond the Dornoch Firth. I go up and down the hill three times to get my circulation going before heading home across the fields, sometimes via the beach, where I may see an otter, a fox, and a multitude of birds.

Back home I will then head for the workshop to carve some wooden jewellery www.woodlandtreasures.co.uk or, on a weekend (mostly), do some gardening. Sometimes I allow myself a day or two of writing, subject on how the jewellery making is going and who else is around to distract me.

The day is often interspersed with interactions with other members of the family and sometimes WWOOF volunteers. I welcome and value these connections; it prevents me from becoming a recluse and enriches the spirit.

Evenings are mostly for rest and relaxation. This includes reading, playing games, watching a dvd or just listening to music and chatting.

I don’t get out much, but I don’t mind. Adventures to craft fairs and festivals to sell my work, and occasional forays to The Big City of Inverness are enough for me. I am what I call a behomeian, happy to potter about in what a friend referred to as our “Oasis of Blissdom”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA