Life as a Mature Student – Part II: The New Age (Digiquarius)

Interview with Nadifa Mohammed slightly delayed but coming soon. Previous posts available here:

Although I am no slacker (in fact I’m a bit of a workaholic), I have never been ahead in the game. To the great discomfort of my modestly-sized mother, I was born three weeks late, weighing almost 10 lbs (that’s 4.4 Kgs in New Speak). With inflation, those three weeks have now expanded to approximately twenty years when applied to new technology. Thus, I feel I have just dipped my toe in the surging torrent of the twenty-first century.

When I had to engage with digital publishing and digital marketing for one of the modules of my course, it felt like I was pushed into the rapids with neither paddle nor canoe.

Photo – Robert Bye (Unsplash)

Even though I’d had a website and Facebook page for my jewellery for fifteen years (I had even half-heartedly dabbled in blogging and Twitter), my efforts as a technofumblr ill-prepared me for the challenges ahead.

Having been enlightened to the requirement of a digital presence to establish my career as a writer in this new cybernated age, I reached out and grabbed every piece of driftWWeb I could see, until I was able to ride the current (spinning in the eddies like a plastic duck). Thankfully, I found I was not in a barrel headed towards Niagra falls. With the help of a slightly mischievous postal primate (Mailchimp), I generated an email list of eighty people. I then revived my neglected blog and Twitter account. With my round head duly hammered into a square digital hole, I have now resolved to write a minimum of one blog per month, a weekly Facebook post and a daily tweet (or possibly two if I’m feeling particularly motivated).

All this without the new-fangled device I refer to as a Touchie-Phone. I know these things are useful tools, but I have seen so many people sacrifice their mindscape to Smartphone addiction that I currently remain resistant to the temptation. I once heard a scientist say that when he is presented with a new invention, he asks, ‘to what problem is this the solution?’ I have yet to be convinced that a Smartphone is a solution to any of my problems. So for now at least I will stick with my prehistoric clockwork portable communicator (a hand-me-down from my nephew several years ago), which is reserved for texting, has negligible signal in the house and is not internet-enabled. All of my online needs are currently (and satisfactorily) met with pc and laptop hardwired to broadband through a copper landline.

With two more years of study to go and hopes for a future as a published author, I am open to conversion from technophobe to technophile, although I suspect that running in my hand-woven sandals I will never quite catch the digital express as it speeds ahead towards the event horizon. Perhaps my grandson will give me a ride in his hovercar…

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